Exercising At Home – The Right Surface Part 1

We here are all fans of in-home dvds to better our health and wellness, but one thing that gets overlooked is what kind of platform we are exercising on.  Some can argue carpets are better for you, but there are arguments to be made about the benefits of exercising on hard surfaces like hardwood flooring.  For this reason, we’ll have a 2 part series on the hardwood floor industry.

Many residents in Texas are considering installing quality hardwood floors as an easy way to improve the appearance, value, and durability of their homes. Wood flooring brings a classical styling and natural warmth to any home, making it a popular flooring preference for centuries. McKinney, Texas, wood flooring companies are dedicated to giving the business owners and homeowners of their regional area the best possible service. Learn more from this article about why people in McKinney should consider quality hardwood flooring companies for their home floor installations.

The companies provide all kinds of hardwood installation to their clients in McKinney, Texas including both unfinished and pre-finished. They also help people to fix damaged hardwood floors and refinish existing ones. Customers always get top-notch quality products that they can enjoy for many years to come regardless of whether they choose from laminate flooring, engineered hardwood, or traditional wood. Here are the biggest benefits that come along with hiring quality hardwood installation and refinishing specialists in McKinney, Texas.

  • Durability

Hardwood floors are among the most long-lasting flooring material in the market. They can last for generations with proper maintenance and care, and when correctly installed. Wood flooring companies are protecting the wood surface from minor damages such as scuffs that mostly spoil other flooring materials by the use of modern polyurethane finishes.

  • Health and air quality

Carpets trap many pollutants such as animal hairs, mildew, and dust that might aggravate many breathing conditions such as asthma. They are also tough to clean, requiring many hours of hard work or the service of carpet cleaning company. A person needs to shampoo carpets or scrub the grout in tile floors. On the hand, homeowners find cleaning their hardwood floors thoroughly much easier, which help them to maintain the indoor air quality of their homes. They only need to sweep these floors regularly and keep the floor’s shine by damp mobbing occasionally.

  • Flexibility

Wood flooring allows individuals to match a change in ownership or décor. It is surprisingly easy for them to improve the look of hardwood flooring even with its long-lasting nature. A skilled wood floor refinishing company in McKinney, Texas can sand and refinish a client’s floor easily, which can give a spectacular facelift to any home.

  • Eco-friendly

Following the wide spreading dangerous impacts of environment pollution in the societies today, many people take concern on the environmental impact of whatsoever they do. This is why many tend to consider wood flooring. Installing hardwood floors in their home make them feel great knowing that making their floors required less water and energy than other flooring materials. Furthermore, wood floors come from trees that at one point helped to reduce the harmful carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere.

Reasons to hire a quality Hardwood Flooring companies in McKinney, Texas

Many homeowners make a significant investment by buying quality hardwood floors, but some try to install them by themselves in order to save money. However, they can get beautiful results that will last for many decades to come by investing in a quality hardwood flooring specialist. A professional hardwood flooring company will:

  1. Preserve the manufacturer’s warranty

Many manufacturers’ warranties exclude defects or damages resulting from an improper installation for either engineered or solid wood flooring.

  1. Use of proper installation methods

The wood flooring installation technique varies with the type of wood flooring a person chooses. The expertise of professional installers helps them to understand different installation methods. They can glue or staple engineered wood flooring, nail down hardwood flooring or pin together floating flooring systems.

3 Acclimatize the hardwood flooring planks

Wood flooring usually contracts and expands to adjust to the humidity and temperature of a given area. As a result, large gaps may develop between the planks after installing the flooring. However, a professional installer can avoid this by opening the boxes of wood flooring planks like five days before installation. This trick will allow the planks to acclimate to the conditions of the client’s home.

4 Avoid material wastage

The professional will take accurate estimate and measurements of how much adhesive, quarter-round, underlayment, and flooring that a customer requires to his or her space.

5 Experience and expertise

Only a professional installer can prepare the surface to lay the new wood floors best, as it requires a level, clean subfloor.

6 Use the right tools

The homeowners need not to purchase the necessary tools such as saws and adhesives as a professional installer will have them.

7 Protect the investment

An experienced hardwood flooring installer can reduce damages to client’s home as well as the flooring.

As demonstrated above, McKinney, Texas, wood flooring companies are a good recommendation for high-quality hardwood floor installations; the best investment homeowners can make in their home improvement goals.

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