Exercising At Home – The Right Surface Part 2

Continuing part two in our series is additional information regarding hardwood flooring services so you can have a quality platform for your sporting dvd exercises.



The benefits that hardwood floors confer to the homes wherein they are installed are innumerable. Indeed, they help in keeping the floors warm enough during winters and are also very easy to clean, to mention but a few of those benefits.

Every major city is thus typically awash with several hardwood flooring companies. The city of Frisco, Texas is by no means an exception to this somewhat universal rule. The discussions that follow endeavor to identify, list and provide brief explanations of the top ten hardwood flooring companies in the city.

Dobson’s Flooring America

Conveniently located in 8810 Lebanon Road, Frisco, Texas 75034, this hardwood flooring company serves general residential homes and corporate entities by providing them with installation, insurance restorations, maintenance, general contractor, and other services. To get started, potential clients are simply required to visit its company portal via the address: http://www.dobsonfloors.com/.

Nadine Floor Company

This company specializes in the provision of all the major flooring services. It is therefore a one-stop-shop for all the flooring needs of any client. Its convenient location in 2930 Preston Road, Suite 860, Frisco, Texas 75034 as well as its website: http://www.nadinefloors.com/ provides the much-needed and convenient starting points insofar as engaging the services of the company are concerned.

Aplus Floors

Those in the lookout for quick installations of new hardwood floors need to look no further than this company. It responds very promptly to customer inquiries and commits to undertake all tasks typically within one business day. Add those to its 13 years of continuous operations to its strategic location within the 9741 Preston Road Suite No. 300 Frisco, Texas area and the end result is simply awesome! Its website: http://www.aplusfloors.com/ contains all the crucial pieces of information that a potential client naturally needs to know about it.

D & R Floors Incorporated

Even though the company is officially based in 7204 Elm Street, Suite 106, The Colony, Texas 75056, it nevertheless has a very overwhelming presence within the city of Frisco, Texas. Its service portfolio is pretty broad. It offers hardwood flooring and nail-down hardwood flooring, alongside other flooring services to both commercial and residential entities. Its corporate web address: http://www.drfloorsdfw.com/ not only provides more information regarding its pricing, services, and terms of references, but also provides a suitable starting point.

J & H Family Floors

Potential clients are to expect a personal touch as well as individualized attention from this company by reason of it being a locally-owned and family-operated enterprise. The store also guides its clients into selecting the most appropriate materials and styles for their floors besides stocking only high quality products for sale. These combined with its convenient location in 6201 Technology Drive, No. 108, Frisco, Texas 75034 and its portal: http://www.jhfamilyfloors.com/ renders the access to quality hardwood flooring services a very hassle-free undertaking.

Flooring Frisco TX

For those who value convenience or are more likely to confront emergency situations, this company whose location is in 575 S Virginia Hills Drive, is the perfect choice. That’s because it is open for business for seven days a week as opposed to the others that are mainly operational on weekdays. Its 20 years in business also means more experience, higher quality of services on offer and familiarity with the Frisco area and its environs. More information regarding the company’s pricing and services on offer may be obtained from its official website via the address: http://flooringfriscotx.com/.

F M Flooring

20 years of continuous operations, expedient location in 4400 Preston Road, Frisco, Texas 75034, coupled with competency in executing all kinds of hardwood flooring tasks both combine to grant this company the status of the proverbial “jack-of-trades.” Indeed the company is very proficient in carrying out installation, maintenance, as well as the renovations of all types of hardwood floors. Through its portal: http://www.homefloors.net/, users may learn all that the company has to offer besides making formal inquiries.

Epic Renovations

Strategic location meets top-notch services in this company. Indeed this company’s appropriate location in the 15222 King Road, Frisco, TX 75034, physical address combined with its ability to carry out all the flooring, interior and exterior upgrades and re-modeling, means greater value for money and unprecedented convenience. Engaging the services of the company has been greatly simplified by the existence of a user-friendly corporate website: http://www.epicrenovation.com/.

Carpet One Floor & Home

Familiarly with the Frisco, Texas area and its adjacent environs is this company’s most outstanding trait. That is because it is not only locally-owned, but is also permanently based in the following local address: 2930 Preston Road, Suite 500 Frisco, Texas 75034. Apart from familiarity with the area, it does charge very low and reasonable fees for the services offered and only stocks goods of high quality that are sourced from reputable manufacturers. To leverage these essential fringe benefits, prospective clients are required to access its official web page via the address: https://flooring.carpetone.com/.

Style Floors

Home remodeling has never been simpler and more convenient undertaking. Indeed this company, which specializes exclusively on remodeling homes, is a potential client’s best bet in case a partial overhaul or renovation of an existing hardwood floor is being sought. Its accessible situation in 11550 Legacy Drive, Suite No. 400 Frisco, Texas 75034 physical address together with its dynamic and easy-to-use website: http://www.stylefloors.net/ provides the two main avenues necessary for getting started.

Final Verdict

It is worth noting that due to the limitations of space, not all the hardwood flooring companies that are operational within the city of Frisco, Texas could be identified, listed, and explained. As such, the aforementioned companies are by no means exhaustive. It is thus incumbent upon the prospective client to conduct a thorough research before eventually settling for the most suitable option.

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